MGRAPH3 - Graphic Communication and Digital Media


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MGRAPH3 - Graphic Communication and Digital Media


Course Description

This course builds on the different ideas introduced in MGRAPH2, and focuses on various design problems that the graphic designer faces in the world today. Formation of meaning and the importance of research, coming up with a solution and its expression through visual design is discussed and investigated through problems that range from branding, including identity creation and its application and various iterations; meaning-creation through type and image, and applied to specific print media like the poster or book cover; and the element of time and space added to type and image in multimedia projects that combine all of these to add layers of meaning and experience. Importance is given on original creations, from images, text, and other content included in the projects; to original ideas and solutions for existing design problems. Stylistic graphic expression throughout the decades will also be discussed, starting from the pre-modernist period, modernist, and post-modernist schools of thought, as well as contemporary graphic styles that shape and influence the practice.

The laboratory component of the course will focus on the various media that graphic designers use nowadays in visual expression. Emphasis will be given on the multi-media/vari-media approach on the application of an idea, investigating the strengths and weaknesses of each medium and using each to the fullest. The students will learn to work together as a team in coming up with solutions to the given design problems.

Course Credits

3 units

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42 hours, 3 hours/week


MGRAPH2 - Graphic Communication and Digital Media


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