Course Description:

Multimedia Project 1 is the first in a series of three production courses on the multimedia arts culmination project that covers topic proposal and content development.  At MMAPRJ1, a student is expected to defend a topic proposal for a culmination project and develop its actual project content.  The course utilizes the skills and tools previously learned by the student to enable him/her to develop a research proposal for a substantive multimedia project that will showcase the breadth of skills that the student has acquired throughout his/her years studying Multimedia Arts. The course will tackle issue analysis, research, message development, project conceptualization and presentation, and content development.

The Multimedia Arts student is envisioned to be proficient in project conceptualization, capable in issue or topic analysis, skilled in research and data gathering and adept in the technical skills required to integrate various multimedia disciplines to conceptualize, execute and market a worthwhile and substantive Multimedia Arts project. As such, the Multimedia Project subject series (MMAPRJ1 – MMAPRJ3) is designed to become a vehicle for this showcase of proficiency in these aspects.

Course Objectives:

At the end of the course, students will be able to:

  1. Recall the tools used in issue analysis relevant to the development of a multimedia project;

  2. Discuss the context and workings behind societal issues and events using the tools of issue analysis;

  3. Apply issue analysis tools in analyzing societal issues and events for proposing multimedia solutions;

  4. Analyze societal issues and events as it lends itself to the development of a multimedia project;

  5. Evaluate the relevance and effectivity of a multimedia project in unraveling the workings of societal issues and events; and

  6. Develop an effective multimedia topic proposal and content relevant to specific societal issues and events.