Course Description:

Multimedia Project 2 is the second course in a series of three designed to enable the student to produce a multimedia Culminating Project. It is an advising class where project advisers are tasked with guiding the students in producing a beta version of a multimedia project based on their approved topic and project concept. The students must prepare a creative brief, produce the project content, create the design and lay-out, and do the programming for a beta version of the project. Project advisers guide and monitor the production process to ensure the feasibility of project completion and the viability of the project itself.  

The Multimedia Arts student is envisioned to be proficient in content development and adept in the technical skills required to integrate various multimedia disciplines to produce a worthwhile and substantive multimedia project. As such, MMAPRJ2 is designed to enable the student to produce the content, form and functionality of their projects.  

Course Objectives:

At the end of th course, students will be able to:

  1. Recall the content, form and functionality elements in the production of a multimedia project;
  2. Identify various tasks needed to execute a multimedia project;
  3. Apply the appropriate approach and steps in the development of the project content, design and programming that meets project objectives;
  4. Analyze the effectiveness of the project content, form and functionality in meeting project objectives;
  5. Defend one’s work in terms of its effectiveness in meeting the project objectives in terms of content, form and functionality, to multimedia industry standards; and
  6. Produce a beta version of a multimedia project on an approved topic.