Multimedia Project 3 is the last course in a series of three designed to enable the student to produce a culminating Multimedia project. It is expected that the student has already mastered the basic production courses needed to complete his/her chosen project. As such, this course is designed as a consultation venue between student and adviser in the area of project viability as well as monitoring the effectiveness of production management. The adviser also assists in the post-production phase of the project, the completion of documentation papers, the development of a suitable marketing plan and the preparation for an External Defense before a panel composed of practitioners in the field/s relevant to the project.

The Multimedia Arts student is envisioned to be proficient in the elements of production, adept in the technical skills required to integrate various multimedia disciplines to produce a worthwhile and substantive Multimedia Arts project. As such the Multimedia Project Series (MMAPRJ1, MMAPRJ2 & MMAPRJ3) is designed to become a vehicle for this showcase of proficiency in these aspects.


At the end of this course, students will be able to:

  1. Know the various stages of a Multimedia Project;

  2. Recognize the specific attributes of the target audience as they relate to the multimedia project and its marketing;

  3. Test the multimedia project to the target audience group;

  4. Appraise the effectivity of the multimedia project and its marketing strategy through a focus group discussion with the target audience group;

  5. Defend one’s work in terms of its effectiveness in addressing the chosen need in both form and content, in terms of its ability to meet industry standards; and

  6. Complete the Multimedia project based on approved design and content.