Duration 14weeks
Credit & Contact Hours 3 units, 3 hours per week
Prerequisites VIDPRD, 3DANIM2, AUTHOR1
Prerequisites to MMPROJ1, MMPROJ2, MMPRFOL
Type of Course Major

Course Description

MSCIETY or Multimedia Arts in Society is the first in a series of three courses where the student is expected to produce his/her culmination project. The course introduces the student to theories social issues and equips him/her years studying Multimedia. The course will tackle communication and multimedia theories issue analysis research, message development, as well as project conceptualization and presentation. At the end of the course the student is expected to prepare a project brief and an audio – visual presentation of his/ her project concept in anticipation of a project proposal defense at the start of MMPROJ2.


This multimedia project can be either web based or an interactive new media tool and is generally describe and prescribed to be a “Computer – based interactive communication tool that incorporates two or more traditional media elements whose primary content is audience/user driven”



The Multimedia Arts Student is environmental to be proficient in project conceptualization, capable in issue or topic analysis, skilled in research and data gathering and adopt in the technical skills required to integrate various multimedia disciplines to conceptualize and execute a worthwhile and substantive Multimedia Arts project. As much the Multim Series (Multim 1, 2, 3) is designed to become a vehicle for this showcase of proficiency in these aspects.


Course Objective

At the end of this course the student is expected o manifest the following as per
Blooms Taxonomy

  1. Knowledge To know the various Multimedia and Communication theories
  2. Comprehension To understand the relevance of Multimedia to the workings of society.
  3. Application To apply a particular theory in conceptualizing a Multimedia Project that addresses a relevant and substantive need of society.
  4. AnalysisTo map out the causes, effects and actors involved in specific issues and formulate a project that would effectively address a need reflected in the issue.
  5. Synthesis To fully integrate and synthesize ideas/ concepts with technical skills to formulate a project concept.
  6. Evaluation To objectively appraise one’s work in terms of its effectiveness in addressing the chosen need in both from and content, in terms of its ability to meet industry standards.